The Sunday Limerick

King David Copperfield

A biblical king of the Now
Turned magician to empty his bowels
an illusion of sorts
his shit travelled north
and turds became words in his mouth

(by Shane)
--- - ---

An Anorexic's Limerick?

There was a young lady named Maud,
Who was the most terribly fraud.
She never was able
to eat at the table
but when in the larder, Oh gawd

(by Joe M)
--- - ---

A friend and occasional commenter said something to me today which reminded me of a long lost passion, and one which was passed on to me by my step-father who recently passed away:  the limerick form of poetry... especially the dirty Limerick. As these are fun and quick little rhymes to invent I thought I'd make it a weekend feature of Bubblegum. From today forth every Sunday will be Limerick Sunday, and if anyone would like to take part and get one ready over the week, please do so. You can mail me entries ad I'll post them along with mine, or send your limericks as a comment on the day and I'll paste them into the post. They don't have to be dirty, or humorous... whatever you like... 

Hope you enjoy, Shane. X

(A Bad Case of Forgetfulness will continue tomorrow... )


  1. i loved the anorexic's limerick!...very nice indeed

  2. Absolut Ruiness... Er, I think you may not quite understand the rules... you have to say the ones I write are the best. Otherwise this just isn't going to work!

    I also don't think Mr Joe M will take too kindly at being referred to as an 'anorexic'... anything but THAT!!!!

    Next sunday I think I'll have to publish the rules!

    Oh la la... 'loved the anorexic's limerick!' What a nerve...


  3. What great taste Absolut!

    (By the way I love your vodka).


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