A Bad Case of Forgetfulness - Part 5

Davies is looking at Jenkins and Jenkins is looking at Davies. They are both wearing 'What the Fuck?' expressions across their faces. Ransack is a way back down the hall, hanging behind to see if he can figure out what he ought to do next. He knows his colleagues are finding his behaviour somewhat bizarre, and not just his working practices, but the way in which he keeps losing concentration and drifting off into distant realms of utter blankness. After filling his chest with a good helping of air, Ransack straightened himself an inch and concentrated on looking authoritative. He knew he had to somehow do something normal, something that would take the eyes off him and allow for a few moments of serious thinking time. And so, he took out a pack of John Player Blacks, and shuffling a cigarette free he stuck it between his lips.

The clicking of the Detective Inspector's lighter carried through the house like it was the timing device on a bomb. Just about everyone jumped to a stop and looked his way. Some of the white suited forensics who were still shuffling about taking measurements in the kitchen even lowered their masks and stared at him in disbelief. Jenkins went into some kind of a panic that sounded like flapping bird's wings. He ended by shoving Detective Davies into a run and hissing, “Geddit'offa 'im... fer' fuck's'ache!”

In front of Ransack, Davies used his larger frame to shield the Inspector and in a second manoeuvre tried to coax him around and walk him off in the opposite direction. It's a technique that the Metropolitan Police refer to as 'cloaking' and one which Davies had excelled at during his early days of training at Hendon. It was probably the reason why his first ever active port of call was escorting the mentally ill out of public buildings. Well, Davies hadn't lost his knack for 'cloaking', although he felt quite uncomfortable pulling it on his superior.

“Sir, sir.. what are you doing?” he whispered, “You can't smoke in here! Good God... You'll have to go outside.... really, Sir you can't...”

“Can't?” said Ransack, stopping and straightening. “Well it seems I can! I'm Detective Inspector Ransack and I'm running this operation. I can do whatever I think fit and act in whatever way I think will best help me crack this pot of worms! And if there's a man here who'll stop me I'd like to see him try! No? Ha! Didn't think so! So look here, Davies, and listen because this is how it's going down: I'm smoking this here cigarette, and as I smoke I'm going to think, and as I smoke and think and bring some general calm to this investigation you''ll be off looking for the photographer. And when you've found him, or if we're unlucky 'her', we're gonna walk the primary scene and record it: You with words, the photographer with pictures, and me using guile, experience and logic. If that breaks protocol, well, FUCK IT!... it's never stopped me before. Jesus, I've smoked, drank, lunched, pissed, farted and shit in previous scenes and I believe I cracked the lot! This is how I work Davies, and it's usually why I work alone. Now go and find a photographer, make sure he's a smoker, and be quick about it!" And with that Ransack pushed Davies aside and wandered down towards the Jenkins, down towards the bedroom, smoking and dropping ash on the way...


  1. Another fine appreciation of the forensic art!

  2. Hi Joe, regardless of what my previous comment sounded like (uder last post) I'm not one for conspiracy theories either - certainly not alien/UFO cover-ups... Crop circles... the Queen killing Diana.. Reptilian Shapeshifters, etc. But when you get to stuff like 9/11, and when the official explanation just wouldn't hold up in any court... when entire planes go missing and disappear into holes that they cannot possibly fit into... when indestructible plane parts completely vanish, and when it all leads to the advancement of very specific foreign policy... you have to at that point say it's not 'conspiracy' on the doubters behalf, but that the real 'conspiracy' is the official explanation of events. And for many of these things there are really no thearies as to what 'really' happened, it's only that the official story is questioned and disbelieved.

    I think when something is neither scientifically nor logically possible, and when simple questions trying to get to the truth are not answered or treated with hostility or end up with the questioner being labelled as an enemy or of being unpatriotic (sometimes even arrested under anti-terrorism laws), then you have to wonder just why someone or some administration would act in that way and are not themselves interested I explaining these huge descrepancies in the story.

    Going on back to the killing of JFK, and ALL the political assasinations of that era, not even lawless countries suffer from those types and amounts of lone gunmen assasins, and again very simple questions not answered... files locked away or destroyed... external investigations hampered and dirtied in the press... those involved receiving death threats. For me it's too much, and even more so when you look at the questions and see they are very valid, sensible ones. When the official explanation wouldn't hold water in the very courts that the country uses to keep law and order, you can't ignore that. And as I said, many "conspiracy theories" are labelled as such to make them seem 'crazy', but many have no 'alternative' explanation of events, they're just a series of basic questions which the government will not answer.

    So I think some of these 'conspiracy theories' will in years be revealed for what they were, and I really believe that in a few hundred years, this time in history will be looked upon as a time of huge international plots and cover-ups, hidden economic agendas led by unseen players, wars initiated purely for the future strategic positioning of the victor (which was never in doubt anyway), and yes, It wouldn't surpriuse me at all if a country did attack it's own people as a surefire way to whip the nation up into a pro-war mentality. But I don't think that it will be the politicians who are shown up as the real corrupt forces, if anything they're kinda the dressed up face of it all... most as unaware and as powerless less any of us. I think it will be the hidden policy players and the secret services who have slipped into positions of complete unaccountability and are in most countries a law above the government. I think these will be shown up as corrupt times, and not too dissimilar to all the intrigue and conspiracies that used to happen at court, and then the politicians becoming the secret runaway power behind the monarcy. I thik that is happening again now.. that the real power is changing hands and really weird and bizarre decisions and policies are in play so as things get set up as needed. I'm still however not quite sure what role ET is playing in all of this.... although he may very well be the leader... X

  3. Well Ransack, despite his memory loss, is expert at bluffing his way through isn't he? I bet he was a real hard-ass pre-amnesia.

    Yes some conspiracy theories may be true. Gore Vidal (my favourite non-fiction author) is convinced the Americans provoked the bombing of Pear Harbour deliberately so they'd have an excuse to join the war.

    I tend to think that the people who get to the top, who are 99% ambition and little else (like intelligence or talent) are too stupid to carry out and sustain a big cover-up. Nixon was so stupid he recorded himself being racist/homophobic/giving away secrets etc.

    Maybe in the past it was easier. But now, with Wiki-leaks and phone hacking etc it would be difficult.

    Then again there's this:

    "PAUL BURRELL claimed last night that the Queen warned him that there were dark forces at work in Britain that could threaten him.

    The former butler said the warning was issued during a three-hour meeting soon after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. He said the Queen looked him in the eye and said: “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.” "

    So even the Queen is spooked!

  4. Oh I meant to say:

    I just linked Waiting for John to someone and I see that it's still the last post showing first. Is there any way of turning it round so someone (e.g me) can read it all from page 1 to the end?

  5. Hi Joe, there's a long slow way I can do that, it'd be redating all the posts so as the first one's were posted last. I'll go and see in the options if there's a quicker fix, and if not I'll gradually start doing it manually. X

  6. Joe, there's no direct way to do it, so for now I've done the first 30 posts and will gradually work my way through it. If your friend visits now there'll at least be enough to get on with.. X

  7. Thanks!

    I see it's on Facebook too.

  8. "dropping ashes down the hall". Sounds like Hansel and Gretel. Will he find his way out? Oh my!

  9. Hey Grouchy... you're spot on with the Hansel and Gretal thing... though it's not quite as simple as leading him back out the door.

    And if you think "Oh My!" to that, you wait until he sends an ear spinning across the floor!


  10. Gurney, it is isn't it? What delicate handling of the affair! And these are the saner moments! hahaha... He's not called Ransack for nothing... X

  11. Hiya Joe, back to conspiracy (sorry):

    "I tend to think that the people who get to the top, who are 99% ambition and little else (like intelligence or talent) are too stupid to carry out and sustain a big cover-up. Nixon was so stupid he recorded himself being racist/homophobic/giving away secrets etc."

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant when I said:

    "I don't think that it will be the politicians who are shown up as the real corrupt forces... they're kinda the dressed up face of it... most as unaware and as powerless as any of us. I think it will be the hidden policy players and the secret services [who'll be shown up]..."

    The Queen seems to think the same, "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge"

    That's what I refer to when I say the secret services have slipped into a position of unaccountability... they have their own agenda and work outside of anyone's control. It's scary stuff what really ties the likes of Blair's or Brown's hands behind their backs. Or it would be if we didn't have America doing it for them.

    One last thing. You're right though, we do have to be very careful about all these theories and conspiracies. They're a little like philosophy - every one when argued in the right way can seem plausible. When we've already the answer it's very easy to make all the evidence fall into place. But some I've just absolutely no doubt about... I'd put my life on it as I'd put my life on there being no God (Gods, plural, is just insanity gone mad!) X

  12. just to add a bit the the conspiracy talk, i kind of lean towards 9/11 being somewhat of a conspiracy, but only to the extent that the gw bush administration was given the report on al qaeda being determined to attack within hte US using airplanes and decided to ignore that report...possibly because an attack within the US would give them an unbelievably good excuse to blow up a country and then make a shitload of money rebuilding it. they prolly had no inclination the attack would be so devastatingly successful, but nonetheless dick cheney and his cohorts at haliburton have made A LOT of money, and i'm sure they don't lose any sleep or anything over it all, being the evil soulless bastards that they are.

    and regarding 'forgetfulness part 5', i can't wait to see what happens when he gets back in that room...

  13. I definitely wouldn't put it past Bush and Cheney allowing a terrorist attack to suit their own purposes. They didn't mind torturing people and murdering innocents.

    You wonder why governments don't face up to these secret services. It's probably the same reason the UK press didn't take on Murdoch - too many of their OWN skeletons in the closet. Think about what they must have on Clinton/Bush et al.


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