Low Life - with Sir David Attenborough


  1. ooooooo,....restless natives baring gifts of feathers and (which appears to be) rather large splinters. I guess I could get in to that AFTER a few scotches. hahahahahaha.

    you are seriously funny!

  2. Hahha Brilliant... I have been making some Moonpig cards for people and thinking up the perfect captions is great fun .. xx

  3. Hiya Jim,

    that splinter he's wearing baringly... is it for love or war? looks like quite a deadly weapon to me (and not concealing too much!) And how the hell does it stay on? Permanent erection? You can have him Jim... But hands off Sir David, he's mine! X

  4. Hiya Ruth, what are moonpig cards? Whatever they are, I bet the private captions you'll never let them see are the best! It's best to be polite if you wanna keep your friends though. I recently told someone she had "fat arms" and it freaked her out for a week!!! lol


  5. They say the insects will be the last living things on Earth. I think Attenborough will be right there with them - making a documentary.

    Now we get celebs fronting docs, none with an ounce of his knowledge. Sad.

    One of the most amazing things I saw was on one of the first Life on Earths - an insect perfectly preserved in amber...for millions of years.

  6. Hiya Joe,

    I'm a huge fan of Attenboroughs also, and you're so right, he is not just a presenter but a genuine knowledge on his subject. I've recently downloaded just about everything he's ever done, and only last night downloaded the very episode of Life on Earth that you refer to.

    As a child, with a suicidal alcoholic mother in the background, I found great comfort and escape through TV (much more than books). I learned that if i was quiet and feigned sleep that my mother's behavior would calm down. And so each night, when I'd had enough for the evening, I would drag a duvet down onto the floor and curl up in it with just my eyes looking out. Like that I'd watch TV and lose myself in it so much that the horror of what was going on behind me disappeared. During those years Attenborough's voice was often the only calm I had. And as silly as it seems his programs seemed to sober the house. Of course there were many other programs I used like that, and to this day, often after I've finished writing, I put those same programs in the DVD player (on repeat loop) and relax the evening away taking in the same old information for the thousandth time over.

    Back to Sir David, one of my favourites is 'The Lost Gods of Easter Island' which is his own personal quest to track down the origins of a small wooden figurine he bought at auction in New York. It takes him around the globe at least three times and is full of many classic Attenborough moments as well as some of those half-arsed things he is prone to say from time to time. Unbelievably he's 85 now! X.

  7. I think my faves were The Frozen Planet and the insects one. And the undersea one. Oh and reptiles. But I've seen them all at least once. I once watched the whole Life on Earth series in a oner.

    And of course he was a BBC bigwig pre-Life on Earth and brought us Monty Python among a whole load of other great stuff. Back in the day when you didn't need dozens of brainless nervous committees vetting every creative idea.

    It's funny to see him in those early 50s progs with that very posh voice. And yet he's never been one of those hateable toffs (The Tory's Cameron and Osborne spring to mind). Always One of us.

  8. Hello everyone, and especially JoeM,

    here's the link to e-revisit Monty Python's Attenborough pisstake/tribute:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dIDQFW80Ks&feature=related (go to 3:55)



  9. Thanks Skully (say hello to Mulder for me...)

    I bet David A loved that. At least he didn't get the Whicker's Island treatment. (Another quite unique olden days presenter).

    Funny to remember just how surreal Python used to be.

  10. I put those same programs in the DVD player (on repeat loop) and relax the evening away taking in the same old information for the thousandth time over.

    It'd funny that even when your guard is down and you're writing a comment you can arrange those words so perfectly.

    I really like these somewhat silly little illustrated strips they bring me this wonderful sense of comfort even while I can't forget that the world outside my door is such a harsh place.

    I really hope I'm going to get to some writing tonight but I'm feeling so lazy. Soon to relax my night away.

    The Kingdom Comes,
    D R .

  11. Hey Doctor!

    I like humour and very silly juvenile humour at that. Stuff that you don't have to think about and isn't some highbrow comment on something serious. My brother,sister and I got through our childhoods with humour. There was nothing so serious that it couldn't be turned into a joke. So even though it is a harsh world, we don't have to become harsh with it, or constantly depressed thinking about it. I have this theory that it's only idiots who are afraid to act idiotic. That the company director who flaps into a corporate meeting wearing clown shoes, and when it's his turn to speak about Projected Sales Revenue instead lets out a big, wet, disgusting fart sound.. well, right there is the smartest man in the room. So that's what I do.. sometimes! haha

    On another note these comic strips serve as something quick* and visual, and also show a little influence of my living in France as BD (bande dessinée) is huge busiess over here. And not just for children or teens, there are just as many adult comics and some as profound as any book you'll ever find. It's referred to as the 9th art... though what the 8th is I've never been able to figure???

    Hope you're well Dusty... Love as Ever, Shane. X

    ps: Will get onto replying to your mail today.

    *quick for the viewer. To put together these strips take twice as long as a three page post.

  12. Ha ha ha. Very good. Pubs here are just for 'getting pissed in', quoth a native. How I yearn for an English pub, like the little ones around Dartmoor. (I never, ever thought i would say that!)=]


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