Bubble Gum - Coming Soon...

Short and mini-fiction covering the genres.

Everything from Horror to Sci-fi to Kitchen Sink drama...

My eternal thanks to all the great people in the sidebar who without even realizing it keep me out of trouble and possibly alive...

My words are for your eyes and may we have success together,

Shane. X


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  2. Joe, you've removed your comment! But only I can fully scrub away your premature comment ejaculation, and as I'm not the most regular visitor to the local launderette or riverbank (and when I do go use the bargain saver powder (which doesn't work)) your trace is destined to remain eternal on what was in fact a brand new sheet!

    I hope that adolescent reply isn't a sign of things to come, but if it is I at least have you to blame... again. X

  3. Ha!

    Well I could always re-post the comment (I've got a copy) - but you'd have to re-post the thing I was commenting on and see if anyone else thinks is works as a story as I did. (No Joe - you're the only one who could possibly think that was a story!)

    Or can't you just wipe it all?

    Anyway, on a more serious issue:

    The Ghost formerly known as Babs Cartland wishes it to be known she has no connection with this Godless site, despite the illegal and immoral use of her picture here.

    And such an unflattering picture too!

  4. Babs Back From The Dead is actually one of the treats I've got i've got in store for yous! It'll be classed as horror, not for the fact that she's back, but that she starts writing again!

    I'm still not sure if we'll have a Zombie Babs or if she'll somehow start dictating from the grave... I've a few ideas around it.

    She actually came back to mind as I was thinking of Historical Romance as a genre, but I really think I'll leave that one for her!

  5. oh, this blog is making me very very excited.
    i've devoured your short fiction from the memoires blog, completely insanely wonderful wonderful stuff!

  6. Hiya id,

    Oh, thank you! That's very kind what you say and I'll do my best to reward you for your time.

    I'm not quite sure where Bubble Gum will lead, or if one of the shorts may at some stage break out into a running novel like Waiting for John. I think it's best not to plan too much and just write as stuff comes and allow it to lead you rather than you leading it. I think many writers couldn't bear working like that, but for me it works and makes a dull blank page exciting. X

  7. wherever it goes, i trust you will not disappoint.
    i like your writing philosophy, not planning much and kind of just going with it...i tend to work that way, and judging from your results, it definitely works for you.


  8. Thrilled, cant wait to start reading!
    Btw, I am the 13th follower of this blog.

  9. JIm!!! First post will be tomorrow or friday, I wanted to make it for today but finally am not able to. By friday at the latest we'll be off and away... X

  10. I'm just a bit excited now...

    Shane, once there's a post up I'll put a link on a few forums if you want ?

  11. Hiya Dirty Cow Girl,

    Let's hope I don't miss my own debut post... It's hit and miss at the moment. I misjudged the length a little and am still writing away...

    Ok, wil get on with it as I've four pages of mess sitting in front of me here.. X


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